In December 2016, our team held public presentations and visited the City’s boards, commissions and NPAs with concept plans for Main and St. Paul Streets and City Hall Park. You can review these here:

Main Street/St. Paul Concept Plan PDF (Download)
City Hall Park Concept Plan PDF (Download)
Video recording of Nov. 16 Presentation (View)—please see Main Street/St. Paul Concept Plan PDF page 70 for updated parking strategy.

Throughout the winter and spring, we’ve been busy conducting additional studies, refining the concepts based on public input and costs estimates, and preparing schedules for the next phase of design and construction. We are very close to having refinements to these plans to share with you—stay tuned!

In the meantime, we would like to share an update on the project schedule. When these plans were presented in late 2016, City Hall Park and Main Street were anticipated to be near-term construction projects. However, over the winter, critical milestones were reached which allowed the Eagle’s Landing project to begin construction—a key piece of the timeline that was previously unknown. This presents an opportunity to advance the reconstruction of St. Paul Street (from Main to Maple) ahead of the other projects, and coordinate our design work for St. Paul Street with the Eagle’s Landing project, which is anticipated to wrap up in late summer of 2018.

Because of this shift, we are holding a special meeting on Tuesday, June 6 to discuss the plans for St. Paul Street with the residents and businesses on the street. There will be two opportunities to attend: 8:30am in Contois Auditorium, City Hall, or 5:30pm in Conference Room 12, City Hall. If you are unable to attend, check back here after June 6, where we will post our presentation and feel free to leave comments and questions in the form at the right.


We encourage you to participate in the Great Streets effort by sharing your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and comments with us.

You can fill out this form or contact Diane Meyerhoff at 802.865.1794. 

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