Project Background

The City of Burlington has recently launched a transformational design and construction project for downtown Burlington. Dubbed “Burlington Great Streets,” the initiative builds upon five years of community planning, including the adoption of Street Design Guidelines, the Downtown Tax Increment Financing Plan, and planBTV Downtown & Waterfront, in which the citizens of Burlington voiced their support for a vision of downtown as a vibrant, walkable and sustainable urban center. The Great Streets Initiative will advance many of these plans’ goals for great streets and attractive public spaces.

The Great Streets initiative's premise is to work with citizens, stakeholders, and officials of Burlington on three interrelated efforts:

  1. Downtown Street Standards   The goal of this effort is to create a palette of urban elements that are beautiful, practical, affordable, sustainable, and appropriate for downtown Burlington from Pearl to Maple (north to south) and from Union to Battery (east to west).
  2. Main Street / St. Paul Street   This initiative will apply those standards to the redesign of six segments of Main Street from Union to Battery and two segments of St. Paul Street from Main to Maple.  This effort will culminate in the construction of two key segments of Main Street between Pine and Church.
  3. City Hall Park   This project continues the effort to reconstruct one of the oldest and most significant public spaces in Burlington. The work here starts with the already completed schematic design from the four-month public engagement process, Imagine City Hall Park, completed in 2011, and ends with the much anticipated reconstruction. 

Utilizing these standards, Burlingtonians will have well-designed streets that are lively in all seasons; are multi-use and accommodate all modes of transportation; manifest the natural beauty of Vermont in the urban forest and landscaping; and capture rain in a way that keeps pollutants out of Lake Champlain and helps manage stormwater runoff.