Main Street / St. Paul

View to City Hall Park from intersection of Main and St. Paul with proposed enhancements (click for larger image)

View of Main Street from Pine, looking toward City Hall (click for larger image)

Placemaking and stormwater infrastructure at typical Main Street intersection (click for larger image)

Main Street

Main Street serves as an important gateway into our downtown, and a vital connection between the waterfront and campus. 

This plan brings together key recommendations from the City’s Transportation Plan, planBTV Downtown & Waterfront plan, and planBTV Walk/Bike to develop a concept plan for Main Street (from Union to Battery) and St. Paul Street (from Main to Maple) and move it through to construction in Spring of 2018. 

The concept plan for Main Street is about balancing all of the uses of our public right of way; it optimizes the roadway by converting diagonal parking to parallel. This change allows for the introduction of wider sidewalks, appropriately sized tree belts to support tree health and stormwater management, and a protected bike lane. Each intersection includes opportunities for outdoor seating, public art, views of the lake, or bike parking. Key elements of the plan include:

  • The proposed Main Street plan includes the following elements on each side of the street: 13 feet of sidewalk space (some of which may be used by adjacent businesses for outdoor seating or signage), an 8 foot tree belt, a 6.5 foot wide protected bike lane, a 3 foot buffer between the bike lane and parked cars for parking meters and light poles, and parallel parking.

  • Rebalances the uses within the Main Street right-of-way. Today, 50-75% of the space between buildings is dedicated to driving and parking cars. In the concept plan, 60% of this space is used for non-vehicular purposes.

  • Through the conversion of all diagonal parking to parallel, the plan maintains 73% of existing on-street parking spaces (and parking on every block), and allows Main Street to serve all of the needs of a vibrant public right-of-way.

  • Each intersection includes: a raingarden; a flexible space that can be used for bike parking, outdoor café seating, public art or other uses; and a small deck, which includes an information kiosk, seating which showcases views of the lake, and lighting.


St. Paul

As an important crossroads to Main Street, St. Paul is experiencing significant changes - at the center of downtown, it becomes the western edge of a new City Hall Park; at the south end with the construction of the anticipated Champlain College student housing project, Eagles Landing; and on the north end with CCTA's new Downtown Transportation Center.  A fourth potential project may have the greatest impact: the possible reopening of St. Paul Street through Burlington Town Center, which would restore the connection of St. Paul all the way through downtown.  Great Streets will develop concepts for St. Paul from Main to Maple using street design principles that include walkability, transit orientation, and green infrastructure.


To see more about the Main Street/St. Paul Concept Plan:
PDF: Great Streets–St. Paul Street Selected Design
PDF: Presentation of St. Paul Street Concept Plans
PDF: Main Street/St. Paul Concept Plan Presentation
Video: Main Street & City Hall Park Presentation

(Note: there has been a change to the section regarding parking. You can see the updated information on page 70 of the Main Street Concept Plan Presentation PDF)