City Hall Park

2016 Concept plan for City Hall Park, showing possible arrangement for Farmers Market.

City Hall Park has been part of downtown’s urban fabric since the founding of Burlington. Over the years, it has evolved in shape, size and use as the needs of our community have changed. 

This plan combines the work and recommendations of the Imagine City Hall Park (completed in 2012), with additional input from the Great Streets Initiative to increase the public use and enjoyment of the park throughout the year. Through the Great Streets Initiative, we will refine the conceptual design and move it through to construction.

The plan above prioritizes a healthy, functioning urban park; accessibility for all users, in all seasons; and the enhancement of our historic park to meet the modern needs of our community. Key elements of the plan include:

  • Reorganize the central patio/fountain area to include perennial landscaping, movable seating, an interactive splash fountain, and a small kiosk for coffee
  • Locate the east-west and north-south pathways in a way that is consistent with the historic layout of the park, but widened to accommodate today’s uses of the park, including a flexible space for performances, a variety of seating options, the BCA artist market, the central patio/fountain, and public art installations and bulletin boards
  • Realign the diagonal pathway through the park to reduce the grade of the pathway for better ADA accessibility, and avoid impacts on the healthiest trees in the park 
  • By reorganizing these activities and the pathway locations, gain uninterrupted areas for open lawn and un-programmed use of the park
  • Maintain the healthiest trees and repair soil conditions to support both existing and replacement trees, and locate the park’s activities to have less of an impact on soil conditions and tree roots in the future. 
  • Incorporate rain gardens and permeable paving to improve the ability for the park to capture and slow down stormwater runoff before it reaches the sewer system and the lake
  • Retain the Saturday Farmer’s Market, but relocate the booths to the edges around the park so that the central lawn may be used for seating and other uses on market days, and to avoid damaging the lawn again in the future
  • Add a seat wall along the Main Street edge of the park to make the park feel better connected to and across Main Street
  • Consider options for a public restroom around the perimeter of the park, and temporary restroom options that can serve larger crowds during events such as the Farmer’s Market or Jazz Fest


To see more about the City Hall Park Concept Plan:
PDF: City Hall Park Concept Plan Presentation
Video: Main Street & City Hall Park Presentation
PDF: 2012 Imagine City Hall Park Report



Entrance at corner of Main and St. Paul on Farmers Market day

Central Fountain and Terrace with lawn and Farmers Market beyond

Central Terrace and Fountain (looking towards St. Paul Street)

Entrance at corner of College and St. Paul