The previously scheduled service interruption for properties on King and Church Streets has been postponed.

Residents will be notified approximately two weeks in advance of the rescheduled date.

The Main Street Project


Update June 7, 2024

Excavation continues at the intersection of King and Church. This intersection will remain closed for several more weeks. Planned water interruptions on King and Church Street for one day during the week of 6/10 have been postponed. Work will continue along King St. east of the Church/King intersection.


Update May 31, 2024

The current project work along King Street has caused unplanned breaks in the water main at times. The City is working on a solution to mitigate future disruptions. The intersection of King and Church remains closed. Work will continue along King St. east of the Church/King intersection.


Update May 24, 2024

The intersection of King and Church will remain closed for several more weeks while the contractor continues work on the ravine sewer. Sewer work will continue along King St. east of the Church/King intersection. Crews will not be working on Monday, 5/27 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.


The Main Street concept is about balancing all of the uses of our public right of way;

It will optimize the roadway by converting diagonal parking to parallel. These changes will allow for the introduction of wider sidewalks, appropriately sized tree belts to support tree health and storm water management, and a protected bike lane. Each intersection includes opportunities for outdoor seating, public art, views of the lake, or bike parking.

The Great Streets plan is for long-term sustainability and transforming our streets into dynamic public spaces, while ensuring that renovations and improvements can be responsibly maintained for decades to come.

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The Main Street plan includes the following elements on each side of the street:


(some of which may be used by adjacent businesses for outdoor seating or signage), with an 8-foot tree belt, a protected bike lane, a buffer between the bike lane and parked cars for parking meters and light poles, and parallel parking.


A new balance of space use within the Main Street right-of-way. Today, 50-75% of the space between buildings is dedicated to driving and parking cars. In the concept plan, 60% of this space is used for non-vehicular purposes.


Conversion will maintain on-street parking spaces (and parking on every block), and allows Main Street to serve all of the needs of a vibrant public right-of-way.


Dedicated spaces that can be used for bike parking, outdoor café seating, public art or other uses; and a small deck, which includes an information kiosk, seating that showcase breath-taking views of the lake, and lighting.


Stormwater improvements, rain gardens, and tree wells to infiltrate runoff where appropriate or detain/delay water into the collection system.

The Great Streets Design & Construction Standards

will guide the rebuilding of our streets according to four values articulated by the residents of Burlington through many planning initiatives:

  • Walkable and bikeable – safe for all modes and all levels of accessibility

  • Sustainable – both environmentally
    sustainable, and long-lasting

  • Vibrant – to support the downtown’s diverse range of public and private activities

  • Functional – work for all users, flexible, can be maintained, affordable

Learn more about the Great Streets Design & Construction Standards

Main Street – Intersection Study

As part of the City’s due diligence, the Design Consultant has evaluated whether the intersections within the project corridor should be controlled by traffic signals as they are currently, or if they should be converted to roundabouts.


Construction Hours

Monday – Friday

Spring:     7am – 6pm
Summer:  7am –9pm

Saturday work may be required and permitted at times. Night work generally not permitted, except in extenuating circumstances.

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